Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Avon Booth

The Fall Festival is coming up at our elementary school. I have been thinking for a while it would be neat to set up an AVON booth at the festival to try and generate some new leads. Heck, I could even sell hand sanitizers from the booth for $1. What parent/kid doesn't need some sanitizer, with flu season beginning and all the extra germs floating around.

I figured for 100 sanitizers, it will cost me about $88; selling them for a buck isn't going to make me rich, but I am going for the customer base, right? I received the flyer in my kids' Wednesday folders (aka Junk School Mail) and see that vendors can set up a booth for $100, which it turns out, the fee for parents is only $75, a nice little discount, but not a cost I was expecting. Did I mention, I have never run a booth before?

So, now I am thinking... what about brochures? 100 brochures will run another $15; I can use some older ones that I already have on hand, but have to buy the new ones anyway. Hmmmm, Should I do some flyers? AVON has some pretty cool cost comparison flyers already on line, I just need to print them up, but that too is another cost. Would I have them printed in color, or gray-scale; color looks better, but gray-scale is cheaper.

So, now I am up to a minimum of $200 in costs, of which I might regain $100 if I sell all of the sanitizers, but then, what about samples? Samples are relatively cheap, but still cost money... and then there is my time. The festival last two and a half hours, of which I would normally be hanging out with my kids; I will have to give that up. I guess they could hang with their dad at the festival instead of both of us this year.

I will probably go ahead with the Festival Booth, despite the costs and considerations, but boy o boy its a lot to think about.

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